This ski is recommended for:

Ski Type: Powder/Backcountry
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Ski Level: Level 5 Shredder
Ski Usage: 80% Off-Piste

Bent Chetler

  • Atomic
  • Powder/Backcountry
  • 185cm

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Recommended Ability



  • Radius: 19m
  • Tip: 142mm
  • Center: 120mm
  • Tail: 134mm

Recommended Use

  • Frontside/Groomers: 20%
  • Powder/Off-Piste: 80%


  • Construction: HRZN
  • Core: Lite-Woodcore
  • Attributes: POWDER ROCKER 30/40/30

Binding Pairing

  • STH 16


  • 178 cm
  • 185 cm
  • 192 cm


  • Powder: Fantasy Land Pick
  • Freeskier: Editor's Pick
  • Other: Independent Skier Mag Pick


SkiGenie recommends the Atomic Bent Chetler for serious adult powder and big mountain skiers (20% frontside / 80% off-piste). This ski is unlike any of its predecessors. The new technology, with less effective edge touching the snow, allows it to plane smoothly and you?ll catch fewer tips in soft snow. Additionally, the decreased waist width allows for better edge control without losing float in the powder (tip and tail width remain the same). This ski is used by the best? The Atomic Bent Chetler is a ski that already has legendary status. But with this new fifth generation model the pillow bashing and powder slashing has never been more fun. Along with Chris?s input, we created a ski that not only floats better in deep snow but allows you to expand on the possibilities in powder. Blending an ABS sidewall construction with a revolutionary horizontal rocker, brand-new HRZN Tech adds 10% more surface area in tip and tail for better tracking through chop and crud, and less tip deflection. Its Powder Rocker profile combines the perfect amount of tip and tail turn-up, while the camber under foot delivers epic performance through turns and nose butters. With Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters laid onto the Lite Woodcore for rocker stability, a new Step Down Sidewall 2.0 for durability and a 120mm waist for limitless floatation, the new Bent Chetler is the ultimate playful tool for your powder missions.


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