This ski is recommended for:

Ski Type: All-Mountain
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Ski Level: From Level 2 Capable to 3 Intermediate
Ski Usage: 50% Frontside / Groomed

Soul Mate 90

  • Line
  • All-Mountain
  • 158cm

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Recommended Ability




  • Radius: 13.7m
  • Tip: 125mm
  • Center: 90mm
  • Tail: 113mm

Recommended Use

  • Frontside/Groomers: 50%
  • Powder/Off-Piste: 50%


  • Construction: Capwall
  • Core: Aspen-Fir
  • Attributes: Directional Flex


  • 151 cm
  • 158 cm
  • 165 cm


  • SkiPress: All Terrain Pick


The Line Soul Mate 90 is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate adult women looking for a tamer all-mountain ski (50% frontside / 50% off-piste). Good for women who like to turn and control their speed, the Soul Mate is responsive and easy to ski, but not recommended for those trying to chase Lyndsay Vonn down the mountain. AWARD WINNING POWER WITH A UNIQUE QUICK & LIVELY FEEL. The Soulmate 90 possesses the same unique powerful construction as the 98, but is simply narrower for enhanced quickness and solid, high-speed power, thru firm terrain while maintaining plenty of float in soft snow. You?ll have a new passport for going beyond the groomers, while maintaining the effortless precision & control you've always enjoyed.


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