This ski is recommended for:

Ski Type: All-Mountain
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Ski Level: From Level 2 Capable to 3 Intermediate
Ski Usage: 75% Frontside / Groomed


  • Nordica
  • All-Mountain
  • 161cm

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Recommended Ability




  • Radius: 14m
  • Tip: 124mm
  • Center: 88mm
  • Tail: 108mm

Recommended Use

  • Frontside/Groomers: 75%
  • Powder/Off-Piste: 25%


  • Construction: ENERGY CA wi-CORE


  • 145 cm
  • 153 cm
  • 161 cm
  • 169 cm


The Nordica Wild Belle is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate to advanced women looking for a solid all-around ski (75% frontside/25% off-piste). It has a more playful tip and tail shape that allows it to float through powder and variable snow, while absorbing bumps. These shape modifications slightly affect the ski?s ability to grip ice. At 88mm underfoot the Wild Belle has got enough float for soft stuff, and plenty of sidecut for laying it over on the hardpack. All-mountain camROCK only increases the versatility. For skiers who do it all, this is your new best friend on the slopes.


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