This ski is recommended for:

Ski Type: Frontside/Carving
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Ski Level: Level 5 Shredder
Ski Usage: 100% Frontside / Groomed


  • Rossignol
  • Frontside/Carving
  • 163cm

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Recommended Ability



  • Radius: 15m
  • Tip: 120mm
  • Center: 72mm
  • Tail: 101mm

Recommended Use

  • Frontside/Groomers: 100%
  • Powder/Off-Piste: 0%


  • Construction: AIR CORE
  • Core: AIR SHAPE
  • Attributes: MINICAP SANDWICH

Binding Pairing



  • 156 cm
  • 163 cm
  • 170 cm


The Rossignol Unique 10 is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced to expert level women looking for a high performance frontside carving ski (100% frontside/0% off-piste). The thicker wood core stiffens and dampens this new speed demon. Holds up really well carving bigger turns. The UNIQUE 10 is an ultra-lightweight high-performance women's carving ski for technical expert skiers. Power Turn Rocker combines traditional frontside power with subtle tip rocker smoothing turn entry and exit for easier more playful carving. A new ultra-light Air Core reduces weight by 20% delivering confident downhill performance with fatigue-free user-friendly maneuverability. Combined with Rossi's new Air Shape Unique skis are easier to carry while "Echo for Life" construction and VAS Linen fibers help deliver more a sustainable frontside carver with a striking eco-conscious design. 100% On-Trail Int. Binding: Saphir 110 WTPI² B73

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