This ski is recommended for:

Ski Type: Powder/Backcountry
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Ski Level: From Level 4 Advanced to 5 Shredder
Ski Usage: 75% Off-Piste

Cyclic 115

  • Head
  • Powder/Backcountry
  • 181cm

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Recommended Ability




  • Radius: 16.5m
  • Tip: 148mm
  • Center: 113mm
  • Tail: 131mm

Recommended Use

  • Frontside/Groomers: 25%
  • Powder/Off-Piste: 75%


  • Construction: Sandwich cap construction
  • Core: Diecut UHM C Base
  • Attributes: TNT Rocker

Binding Pairing

  • Tyrolia AAAttack 16

Boot Pairing


  • 171 cm
  • 181 cm
  • 191 cm


  • Powder: Fantasy Land Pick


Agility, versatility and control that will give you the same impressive feeling like your first flight in a helicopter.


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